The Steel Magnolias main recipient is the Stramski Children’s Developmental Center that has been dedicated to children and families since 1975. The Stramski Center is a proud part of Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach and the MemorialCare Health System, and is focused on excellence in every aspect of care – from treatment to relationships with families.

Dr. Stramski’s Dream

In 1975, the Children’s Chronic Disease Center was founded by Dr. Geraldine A. Stramski with the financial help of the Children’s Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. The center was renamed in her honor in 1991. As a developmental pediatrician, Dr. Stramski recognized the need for a team approach to the multiple health issues so often encountered in children with developmental conditions.

The Stramski Center Today

Today, the Stramski Children’s Developmental Center, under the direction of Medical Director Dr. Gary Feldman, is a special needs center that helps children and families deal with conditions such as autism, cleft lip and palate, birth defects, learning problems, and other developmental delays. The center also has clinics specializing in sleep disorders and international adoption. It is at the forefront of the study of Fragile X Syndrome. Although many of these children’s conditions are “invisible,” they are often serious and accompanied by a lifetime of challenges. Very few of these problems are “quick-fixes” — they require numerous consultations and extensive pre- and post-consult work. Often, parents have difficulty advocating for their children due to cultural, educational and language differences. The Stramski Center fills this gap by facilitating access to services and monitoring progress. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the center is able to provide individualized care to help children reach their optimum potential. Each year, the Stramski Center treats more than 4,000 children with serious, often life-long, medical conditions so they can achieve their highest potential.

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