January should be called “pat yourself on the back” month for the Steel Magnolias! December is their annual meeting and its change of officers. At that same meeting, the founder recognizes one or two members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout the year. In January, all of the past recipients, close to 20 honorees, are celebrated at either a luncheon or mixer. Also in January, the immediate past president is welcomed into the select circle of past presidents. It is a special time for all!
Seen at the scenes: at the past Presidents gathering were: Immediate past President Theresa Brunella, Inaugural President Mari Hooper, Mary Alice Braly, Joyce Krauss, Judy McNulty Black, Lorie Merrill. Enjoying the mixer were: Anthony Gagliardi, Judie Johnsen, Stephanie Davis, Candice Stacy, Diana Eastman, Jo Murray, Sandra Sherrard, Paul Diego, Jan Krantz, Anne Emigh, Gary Lee Wolf, Susan Hill, and Joan Knight.


Founder’s Award Honorees
2007: Carolyn Maney
2008: Karen Wells
2009: Gail Gray and Judie Johnsen
2010: Stephanie Davis, Lynn Shrum and Julie Suares
2011: Diana Eastman and Candace Stacy
2012: Nancy Gaines
2013: Sandra Sherrard
2014: Paul Diego
2015: Janis Krantz and Jo Murray
2016: Anne Emigh and Gary Lee Wolf
2017: Joan Knight and Susan Hill